Mobile Signal Booster is not common for all frequencies.

Mobile Signal Booster designed for 900 MHz works only for operators working in 900 MHz and will have no impact for other networks

Mobile Signal Booster designed for 1800 MHz works only for operators working in 1800 MHz and will have no impact for other networks

Mobile Signal Booster designed for CDMA Network works only for operators working in CDMA Network and will have no impact for other networks

Mobile Signal Booster designed for 3G Network only for operators working in 3G Network and will have no impact for other networks

There are specific models of Mobile Signal Booster for dual band or Triband in case if you want a combination of frequencies

Digital ALC prevents from oscillation and make Mobile Signal Booster work at best output power.

Isolation and oscillation detective indicate function, will check the isolation automatically after turn on the Mobile Signal Booster, if the installation is not proper, there is a light indication without damaging the Mobile Signal Booster, while most normal Mobile Signal Booster in the market will break, if the isolation is not good enough.

Uplink/downlink auto gain synchronization will help to adjust the uplink and downlink gain automatically to make sure it will work under the best condition in spite of varying signal levels to the Mobile Signal Booster.

Automatic installation indication in Mobile Signal Booster helps us to install according to the indication light to make easy adjustment when really in need depending upon the site.

Our Mobile Signal Booster requires very low isolation requirement of only 5 meters cable between Mobile Signal Booster and antennas whereas most normal Mobile Signal Booster in the market need 20 to 30 meters isolation.

Mobile Signal Boosters

Why Mobile Signal Boosters ?

Now that the entire communication & business happens through mobile, are you at peace & ease while using mobile phone or you are one among thousands who suffer from poor signal problem of the Mobile phones?. Poor signal causes disconnection of service , frequent call drops & unclear communication that adds to lot of physical & mental stress. It is also proven that using mobile in poor signal areas causes health hazards due to higher radiation as well as consumes more battery if the signal is weak.

Mobile Signal Boosters offers solution for these problems by enhancing the available poor signal in that area and make your wireless zone with full signal and improve the quality of your mobile calls, reduce call drop frequency. Apart from improving voice service, Mobile Signal Boosters can fasten the speed of WAP, 3G, broadband and text messaging.

Mobile Signal Boosters work in the same way as the towers of cellular operator, which broadcasts signals to the subscribers. The basic difference is that a Mobile Signal booster is much smaller in size and you can get the benefit for a limited area. Mobile Signal Boosters, depending on their formation, can expand the handset’s coverage up to more than a few thousand square feet. There are even suitable Mobile Signal Boosters available that can be used inside your car.

Mobile Signal Booster can be used in remote places, far away from the tower and have problems in communicating on their Cellular Phone as well as useful in cities, where in spite of full mobile signals on the mobile phone, there is a break in voice leading to call clarity problems. Simply plug the mobile signal booster into your office, home farmhouse, factory and you'll be astonished with the huge gain in both the incoming reception and outgoing transmission levels as the signal booster goes to work!
Graphical Image of Mobile Signal Booster Installation

The complete Mobile Signal Booster package consists of

Mobile signal booster amplifier.
A Yagi antenna.
Low loss cable from Yagi antenna to booster & from booster to panel antenna.

Mobile Signal Boosters
have different models suitable for different mobile network within India for e.g. we have a special booster for 900 MHz , 800 MHz (CDMA) & 1800 MHz or combination of 900MHZ & 1800 MHZ.

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